The Best Cardio Tips For Newbies

So, you just started doing cardio or you’re planning to, and you want to make sure to get it right. I’m sure that you have a lot of questions and things you are wondering about. This is what I hope to help you with in this article.

Let’s cover some of the basic tips that you should know about how to do cardio correctly.

How to Choose a Workout

Picking the right cardio workout for you is the first major decision that you need to make. There is a range of opinion as to which is the best for of cardio for you to do. A good rule of thumb is that the more intense a workout is the better it is for fat loss purposes. So, running will prove more helpful than walking.

However, your choice of workout take into account two factors:

1. What you can physically do – If you suffer from certain injuries that make it difficult for you to engage in certain activities than you shouldn’t force yourself. A shoulder injury may make rowing hard and knee issues may make walking better than running. You need to do a workout which is physically right for you.

2. Choose something you like – I wouldn’t choose running over swimming just because the former is better for weight loss if swimming is your passion. You need to pick a cardio workout that you enjoy. The reason for this is simple: cardio is not a one time thing and you won’t get results in a week or even two. You need to do it on a regular basis for a long time for it to be useful. So, you have to do something you love.


You should have the necessary gear to do your workouts correctly. Shoes are the most important item as they can actually help reduce tension on your joints and tendons. You don’t need a lot of equipment to start with. Other than shoes, I can think of little which is absolutely necessary.

Intensity Over Length

One misconception about cardio is that you need to do it for a certain length of time in order for it to be useful. This is not accurate. I would rather do a short but intense workout than a long and easy one. You need to push your body during your workouts to see fast results. How long you stay on a treadmill or a bike is not as important as the kind of workout you do.

So, pick a workout you like, have good shoes and gear to do it with and push yourself during your workouts. These are the cardio tips you need to know.